Chris Hinkle

Product Designer & Engineer



Design + Technology


Matternet ONE is the first smart drone for transportation. Send things through the air — magically, with the touch of a button. Matternet ONE revolutionizes last-mile logistics, transforming the way you access things locally.


We're radically simplifying the process of showing your support online with the Dollar Button.

Evernote Market

Evernote apps and products make modern life manageable, by letting you easily collect and find everything that matters. This ambition doesn’t end with our apps. In collaboration with our favorite companies, designers, and manufacturers, we bring you the Evernote Market, a selection of noteworthy products designed to improve more of your every day.


The Jukebox is back! LARQ lets you control a jukebox right from your iPhone to any other Device with LARQ. Set up a jukebox at your favorite bar, at your house, even in your bedroom.

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Digital Product Design: User Experience and User Interface, Coding: Objective-C, Python, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Frameworks and tools: Reactive Cocoa, AngularJS, Node, Grunt, Sass, Bourbon